How to Remove Wrinkles with Vinegar

I’m trying something a little different today. I wanted to give you a how-to post on how to remove wrinkles using iron and vinegar. Let’s just say it’s my gift to you this week. We can call it a Valentine’s Day gift if you would like. Happy Valentine’s day! Now, go do some chores. wlEmoticon winkingsmile How to Remove Wrinkles with Vinegar

iron and vinegar thumb How to Remove Wrinkles with Vinegar

My husband and I are trying to live more green (isn’t everyone?). So, white vinegar is a staple in our home now. It has so many versatile applications, and it’s inexpensive too! It’s a must have household cleaning powerhouse.

I LOVE fabric. I love how many pretty patterns there are. I love the possibilities of what a new piece of fabric could be—anything, really! I’ll go to a fabric store and browse endless patterns of fabric: sometimes coming home with a few different items to play around with.

I usually get lofty ideas that I’ll make a purse, or curtains, or something else fabulous out of this new pretty piece of fabric (Pinterest is usually the inspiration for this misplaced energy). Most of the time, however, the fabric ends up in the closet tossed to the side like yesterday’s news.

So, when I get another NEW idea to pull out the sewing machine (forgetting how many expletives I uttered or how many times I said I would NEVER do this again), I usually try to turn to my own little fabric stash before running back to the craft store. What I usually find is a wrinkly mess waiting for me. So I pull out the iron and get to work. But no matter how hard I try to get those pesky creases out, they just won’t budge.

One day, while I was working on such a project, I turned to Google to find something to fix this problem. I didn’t want to have to purchase a product just for the task, and I was hoping I could find an all natural alternative, anyway. What I found couldn’t be easier:

1) Pour vinegar in spray bottle.

2) Do Not Dilute

3) Spray on crease

4) Iron

Seriously, it’s that easy. I couldn’t believe it.

before after vinegar comparrison thumb How to Remove Wrinkles with Vinegar

The creases came out so easily too. Before the vinegar, I was pumping the steam button on the iron and using my body weight trying to remove the wrinkles with little success. After a quick spray of vinegar, the wrinkles came right out! I seriously couldn’t believe how well it worked.

One word of warning though: If you want to try this on your clothing, it will smell like vinegar for a little while (depending on how much you use). I ironed a dress with vinegar and when I put it on I could smell it a bit. A spritz of body spray covered it right up though.

Chalk up another reason to love vinegar and its multipurpose superpowers.

Do you have any quick and easy tips about using vinegar?


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  1. I’m not going to lie, when I saw the title I thought you might mean skin wrinkles. Then I saw the iron and got a little scared! ;)

    I love to buy fabric, too. I get a little lost in fabric departments, like at Wal-Mart, browsing and sometimes I buy it. For a while I was making little drawstring bags, and I made a few purse-type bags, but I’m not at all a good seamstress. I was thinking again that I’d like to make some more of those little drawstring bags, so maybe I will.

    It’s kind of funny, because when my grandmother passed away (mom’s mom), I inherited her vintage Kenmore sewing machine, complete with sewing table. I absolutely love it. I also got a lot of her fabrics. But, they’re all in boxes and all wrinkled up. I’ll have to get more vinegar, though, because I used all of ours cleaning the hard water out of the coffee pot.

    Do you think it would work with other types of vinegar? Rice vinegar, for example, is clear.

    • Oh no! I don’t know if vinegar on the face is a good thing. Maybe I should change it to crease so people don’t get scared? Haha!

      Hmm, I suppose other vinegars would work too. White is just the cheapest.

      I’m totally a seamstress want-a-be. I’ll get all these notions that I’m going to do a project then get annoyed about 2 minutes into the project. I don’t like structured step based projects which is what sewing really is. You have to prepare a lot to see the final product. However, a little drawstring bag could be fun.

  2. The color on the finished product seems a bit duller than before. Is this a byproduct of the vinegar or is it only a picture quality issue?

    • It’s just the picture quality. The vinegar definitely didn’t do anything to the fabric. I just didn’t take enough pictures of the finished product.

  3. Vinegar is amazing, isn’t it? I use it for all sorts of things and my grandmother has used it in her ironing as long as I can remember! Great choice of fabric for the example, by the way… I have the same one! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Vinegar is definitely a go to product with lots of uses. Thanks for the refresher course on using wrinkle removal. Love from SITS

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